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The compact


The innovative passengers lift that offers the fast, safe and efficient solution. Particularly suitable residential buildings and commercial activities where a high performance lift is required.

Available versions:

  • GO-e electric MRL solution with gearless technology.
  • GO-h hydraulic solution with reduced and optimised shaft spaces.


  • EasyGO is supplied for wall mounted installations (or with optional structure supported frame, after technical feasibility), offering maximum adaptability in any kind of architectural environment.

  • It is an innovative product, without a dedicated machine room, available with 1 or 2 entrances for each floor, in line adiacent or opposite, guaranteeing maximum flexibility in space management.

  • Electric or hydraulic lift with digital controller for maximum safety, energy consumption and maintenance reduced to the minimum: travelling with this lift will be a pleasure for the user.

EasyGO is the electric or hydraulic lift suitable for each

residential and commercial installation

Technical Data

Traction GO-e Electric, MRL gearless.
GO-h hydraulicwith pump unit and control panel installed close to shaft.
Rated load From 320 to 1000 kg.
Passengers 4-6-8-10-13.
Installation Wall mounted or structure supported frame (optional).
Operation Collective/Selective up and down.
Stops Up to 16 m (depending on models and type of traction).
Travel Up to 45 m (depending on models and type of traction).
Minimum pit 350 mm.
Minimum headroom 2800 mm.
Speed Max. 1,6 m/s.
Power supply 220-400 V 3 phases 50/60 Hz.
Rated power Min. 2 kW (depending on models and type of traction).

Range options and customization

EasyGO is available in a wide range of models and finishes; the elegant car i nterior fi nishes and good illumination makes travelling in the lift a pleasure.

Safety features

All the safety components as required by the European Standard EN 81 are built into standard models. Particular attention is paid to the requirements of both people with impaired mobility and elderly:

  • Emergency Rescue Device for returning the lift to the bottom floor
    with “door opening” in case of a power failure.
  • Device to prevent overloading.
  • Emergency Autocall Communicator for direct contact between the lift
    car and a service centre.
  • Emergency light in case of power failure.

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