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Daldoss level goods help your work

moving medium size loads

Daldoss Level Goods offers the easiest solution, fast and efficient, for the transport of goods, with or without attendants in the car.

Particularly suitable to warehouses, industries, supermarkets, retail shops and any other environment where there is a need to move carts, trolleys, boxes and other material.

It can be easily installed in small areas thanks to its pit and headroom reduced to the minimum, and it’s available both as wall mounted and/or with supported structure, for indoor or outdoor installations.

Level Goods is the ideal solution for

industrial and commercial applications


Warehouses. stores, laboratories, supermarkets etc.

Technical Data

Traction Hydraulic with control unit placed in proximity of the shaft.
Operation “Constant Pressure” (hold-to-run) in the car and automatic from the floor.
Rated Load Up to 500 kg (with 2 persons max in the car).
Stops Up to 8.
Travel Up to 17mt (it may vary depending on the model).
Speed Max 0.15 m/s (it may vary depending on the model).
Headroom Min. 2400 mm.
Pit Min. 150 mm (it may vary depending on the model).
Power Supply 220V mono phase / Δ230V-Y400V three phase 50/60 Hz.
Motor Power 1.5 ÷ 2.2 kW (depending on the model).
Car Entrances 1 or 2 opposite.


Close with baked oven enamel walls RAL 7038 (pearl gray), bumper guards on the car walls, checkered aluminum floor, LED bars illumination and safety light curtain in Category 2 on each car entrance.

Floor Doors

Manual with single or double panel with 180° opening baked oven enamel RAL 7038 (pearl gray) and window 70×900 mm. Internal closing handle, mechanical lock and electrical contact with removable bridge. Lower floor doors with manual resetting.

Car Pushbutton

Stainless steel plaque AISI 304, floor selection pushbuttons in stainless steel activated with constant pressure. Alarm pushbutton, emergency stop, and optional key disabling car controls operations.

Floor Pushbuttons

Stainless steel plaque AISI 304, floor pushbuttons in stainless steel with universal operation of call and send with green light of presence of car at floor and red light for lift busy or on arrival.

Norms and Regulations

  • Law Decree 27 January 2010 N.17
  • Machine Directive 2006/42/EC
  • Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive 2014/30/EU
  • Ministerial Decree 14 January 2008. New Technical Standards for Constructions.
  • CR UNI 10011 – June 1988. Steel Constructions, Instructions for the calculation, execution, testing and maintenance.
  • EN1090-1:2009+A1:2011 EC Marking for Structural.

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