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A flight of steps, a difficult staircase, an inaccessible garage are all very real architectural obstacles to the disabled and elderly. The Level platform lift is designed to overcome such obstacles. Ideal for any detached houses, public offices or buildings and apartments with two or more floors, these platform lifts are characterised by an affordable purchase price and reduced running costs.

  • The platform is designed mainly to move people with impaired mobility;
  • It is characterised by controlled speed and carrying capacity. Automatic operation (for Plus and MATIC verision) or by constant pressure push button control (for MAP verision);
  • The platform complies with the various regulations and standards that are currently in force and it’s EC certified.


  • Level hydraulic platform lift range is available in three different versions: Level MAP with constant pressure push button control in the car and automatic operation at floor; Level Plus with automatic operation both in the car and at floor; Level Matic, fully automatic with 4 panels, central opening doors or with 2 or 3 panels telescopic doors. Level is characterised by controlled speed and carrying capacity, especially designed to move people with impaired mobility. It complies with the various regulations and standards that are currently in force and is EC certified.

  • Due to a reduction in the overall dimensions of both the lift and the structure supported frame (optional), the platform can be easily installed both internally or externally. The modular structure enables a quick installation and reduced building work. It is supplied in a grey baked anti-corrosive painted finish (or galvanised for external applications), available with glass, sheet, insulated panel covering etc.

  • The Level product range comprises 7 different models with carrying capacity of up to 500 kg (for MAP version). Available with one or two lift car entrances, they are supplied with a single hinged or automatic doors (for Matic version) which guarantees maximum safety. If an existing lift shaft is to be used, then non-standard dimensions are available on request allowing installation in every type of interior design.

Level is the ideal solution for private, commercial and public applications,

especially in presence of people with impaired mobility.


Private houses, villas, etc.


Restaurant, bar, club, hotel, etc.


Public and private offices, banks, libraries, insurance companies, etc.


Shops, Pharmacies,…


Warehouses. stores, laboratories, supermarkets etc.

Technical Data

Drive system Hydraulic with pump unit installed adjacent to shaft.
Rated load 250-300-500 kg (optional for MAP version).
Persons 3 persons (2 persons for model M).
Installation Wall-mounted or structure supported frame (optional).
Operation Level MAP: constant pressure push button control in the car and automatic at floor.
Level Plus and MATIC: automatic control both in the car and at floor.
Stops Up to 8 in standard configurations.
Travel Up to 14,100 mm (may vary with the models).
Minimum headroom 2500 mm - 2600 mm for Level MATIC.
Minimum pit or ramp. 100 - 150 mm (depending on model).
Car speed 0.10 - 0.15 m/sec. (depending on model).
Power supply 220 V - single phase - 50 Hz.
Rated power 1.5 - 2.2 kW.


The hydraulic operation guarantees optimum performance and extremely low noise levels. The operation is the same used on a traditional lift and ensures maximum safety for the elderly, disabled or people with impaired mobility.

Safety features

All safety features are in compliance with the various regulations and standards in force and are fitted as standard to the base models.

  • Emergency return (descend mode) to any floor or floor 0 with
    doors opening (only for the MATIC version)
  • Power failure emergency light
  • Safety gear device
  • Emergency rescue device (manual pump)
  • Door closing and lock control devices
  • Rupture valve
  • Re-levelling: the lift car automatically levels at each floor which
    eliminates a potential tripping hazard when entering the lift car
  • Maximum travel comfort: calibrated smooth deceleration for
    levelling at each floor level
  • Full height Safety light Curtains to protect the cabin entrance
    (only for MAP version).

Quality and safety features

Level fully complies to the Machinery Directive 2006/42/CE and obtained the Type Examination Certificate released by the Italian Notified Body IMQ. Daldoss is able to supply various safety equipment to comply with different national and international standards and regulations.

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