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Freight lift for goods only

and for goods with an attendant

The experience gained and know-how acquired in 60 years in the lift industry operating in the most important markets worldwide, has led to the development of a highly modern range of elevators which feature cutting edge space-saving technology with a pleasing aesthetical design.

Microfreight is designed to offer the simplest, quickest, most economical and reliable solution to heavy lifting problems for goods only or for goods with an attendant in warehouses, industries, supermarkets, shops and in any environment in which it is necessary to move pallets, loads, trolleys, containers, heavy goods, etc.

  • Goods only lift with rated load from 500 to 1500 kg;
  • Goods lift with an attendant with rated load from 500 to 1400 kg;
  • Supplied with its own robust structure supported frame which enables it to be installed virtually everywhere and it does not rely on a load bearing wall or a lift shaft for support;
  • Especially suitable for transporting goods between floors.


  • Microfreight range can travel up to a maximum 15 meters and up to two entrances can be fitted on each floor. Thanks to the reliable electronic 3-phase control, efficient motor with high quality reduction gearbox and electromagnetic disk brake with flywheel for emergency operation, the functioning is extremely quiet and safe in any type of installation.

  • Microfreight range is available in different models offering a wide choice of car sizes. All the models operate inside a rapidly erected structure supported frame baked enamel RAL 7038. Landing doors, single or double hinged, are finished in baked enamel RAL colours (RAL 7038 as standard), or in stainless steel AISI 304. The landing push button station is fitted with "lift arrival", "lift occupied" and "lift position" indicators. Constant pressure push button control in the car and automatic operation at landing for Microfreight Plus model.

  • Capace di una corsa fino a 15 metri può avere fino a 2 accessi per ogni piano. La manovra a tecnologia elettronica, motore elettrico trifase munito di freno elettromagnetico a disco, il volano per la manovra di emergenza a mano e il freno ausiliario sull’albero lento per evitare movimenti incontrollati della cabina, rendono particolarmente silenzioso e sicuro il funzionamento in ogni tipologia di installazione.

Microfreight is the ideal solution

for industrial and commercial applications


Warehouses. stores, laboratories, supermarkets etc.

Technical Data

Drive system Traction type.
Rated load Microfreight Classic 500-750-1000-1500 kg.
Microfreight Plus 500-750-1000-1400 kg.
Operation Fully automatic.
Max. no. of stops Up to 8.
Max. travel. Up to 15 m (for a longer travel check feasibility).
Speed Microfreight Classic 0.19 m/s (500-750-1000 kg) - 0.13 m/s (1500 kg).
Microfreight Plus 0.13 m/s.
Power supply 3-phase electric motor.
Motor power 3 kW.


The electric operation guarantees optimum performance and extremely low noise production. Microprocessor controlled operation is a further guarantee of performance. A pit of 150 mm, reduced headroom and standard structure supported frame reduce builder’s work for installation to the minimum.


Intelligent and modern management, maximum product standardization, highly automated production and the adoption of avant-garde technology enable Daldoss to guarantee constant compliance to the standards provided for by UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 Company Certification.

Safety features

Microfreight fully complies to the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC and obtained the Type Examination Certificate released by the Notified Body Liftinstituut. Daldoss is able to supply various safety equipment to comply with different national and international standards and regulations.

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