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The experience gained and know-how acquired in 60 years in the lift industry operating in the most important markets worldwide, has led to the development of a highly modern range of elevators which features cutting edge space-saving technology and a pleasing aesthetical design.

Easylife fully complies with the European Directive EN81.2 and is certified for installation with low pit and headroom (PrEN81.21:2001). Daldoss was the first European independent lift company to obtain this kind of certification and can be rewarded as the forerunner in this particular market segment!

Easylife is a full range of elevators designed to meet the demands of commercial/low traffic environments, such as residential houses, shops, offices, libraries, banks, community centres, small/medium size showrooms, … Especially suitable for renovation projects in existing buildings and in meeting diverse architectural requirements.

  • Passenger lift mainly for residential housing with rated load ranging from 180 to 550 Kg;
  • Supplied with 200 mm pit and structure supported frame both for indoor and outdoor applications;
  • Ideal for installation in existing buildings with reduced pit and/or headroom.


  • Easylife is the ideal solution for residential buildings and renovations. It is available with rated load from 180 to 550kg and can be installed both wall mounted or with optional structure supported frame. Thanks to its reduced dimensions it can be easily installed inside or outside the building and the modular structure supported frame allows an easy and quick installation.

  • Easylife is the ideal solution in most of the existing buildings where there is no possibility of providing either a normal sized pit or headroom due to the lack of space (water bed, foundations, heritage buildings, etc.).

  • The Easylife lift range is certified according to the Lift Directive 2014/33/EU in compliance with EN 81.2 and EN 81.21, norms pertaining to reduced dimensions for pit and headroom. This latter version represents a modern and elegant solution for existing buildings.

Easylife is the lift for the impossible spaces, the ideal

solution for residential buildings and renovations


Restaurant, bar, club, hotel, etc.


Shops, Pharmacies,…


Public and private offices, banks, libraries, insurance companies, etc.

Technical Data

Roping 2:1.
Rated load 180-280-390-480-550 Kg.
Passengers 2-3-5-6-7 persons.
Installation Wall mounted or structure supported frame for internal or external installation.
Operation Single automatic push button or selective collective down.
Max. no. of stops Until 6 in standard configurations.
Max. travel From 16,6 m to 18 m (may vary with the models).
Min. headroom 2600 mm - 3345 mm (EN81.2).
Min. pit or ramp 200 mm - 1050 mm (EN 81.2).
Car speed Approx 0.2 m/s or 0.5 m/s.
Power supply Different power supplies available, three or single phase.
Rated power From 1.5 kW to 7.7 kW depending upon model, speed and power supply.


Not only designed for a precise decelerating speed for re-levelling at floors, Easylife is also equipped with a “position indicator” and an “arrival gong” in the lift car to advise passengers of arrival at each floor. In addition, the elegant car interior finish, good illumination and ventilation fan makes travelling in the lift a pleasure.

Safety features

All the safety components as required by the European Standard EN 81 are built into standard models. Particular attention is paid to the requirements of both people with impaired mobility and elderly:

  • Emergency Rescue Device for returning the lift to the bottom floor
    with “door opening” in case of a power failure.
  • Device to prevent overloading.
  • Emergency Autocall Communicator for direct contact between the lift
    car and a service centre.
  • Intercom system for direct communication between the lift car and
    the machine room (or other place, if required).
  • Emergency light in case of power failure.
  • Alarm button and “open door” button in lift car.

The following is available as optional:

  • Braille type call push buttons.

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